Electric Quad Bike Safety: A Parent’s Guide

Electric Quad Bike Safety: A Parent’s Guide

Electric quad bikes can be a great way to get your kids out and about; fuelling their appetite for adventure in a controlled way. 

But, while quad bikes are extremely fun to ride, it's vital that you take the time to understand the safety measures you must adhere to keep your kids as safe as possible.

While it's accurate to say that electric quad bikes are far safer than their petrol counterparts, it's important to note that thousands of people are injured each year through quad bike-related accidents, and many of these are entirely avoidable, so it's vital that you understand how to avoid accidents where possible.  

What Are Electric Quad Bikes?

Electric quad bikes are an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) where the rider sits on top of the vehicle. Quads utilise four low-pressure tyres – which are specially designed to be used on unpaved surfaces – handlebars for steering the vehicle and a seat which is intended to be used by only one rider.

Quad bikes are built to be able to cope with a vast variety of terrains, including steep inclines; however if the vehicle is operated beyond its capabilities, it can quickly become unstable.

Common Accidents & Causes 

The most typical quad biking accidents are falling from the vehicle if it becomes unstable and collisions with objects such as trees or other vehicles.

Other hazards include:

  • Lack of Parental Guidance – if an electric quad is bought for a child, it's crucial they are shown how to operate it correctly.
  • Lack of Appropriate Safety Gear – sometimes accidents do happen, but as long as correct safety gear is worn there's usually no cause for concern.
  • Excessive Speeds – all of our kids quads come with built-in speed restrictions. However, our teen/adult electric quads are more powerful, which means if you or your teenager is travelling at speeds unsuitable for the terrain, there’s a higher chance of having an accident.
  • Ground Conditions – Although electric quads are designed to traverse various terrain, it is possible to lose control if the ground conditions are very poor, so it’s important to use your parental discretion in regards to how safe the conditions are.
  • Poor Vehicle Maintenance – Electric quads don’t contain as many moving parts as petrol models, but it’s still important to maintain them, this may include checking tyre pressures and cleaning the vehicle regularly.

Protective Gear & Clothing

a boy dressed in quad bike gear

Of course, along with a helmet, we recommend that you invest in specialised clothing, such as a shirt, trousers and gloves for your child. This clothing is durable and protects the torso and the arms and the legs. Gloves also offer robust hand, finger and wrist protection, whilst also providing a sturdy grip which can help in slightly colder conditions.  

Helmets offer a great deal of protection around the head and neck, but they often leave a gap to see out of, which is why a pair of goggles is highly recommended and will keep any debris from getting into your child’s eyes.  

Why Choose Electric Quads?

Electric quad bikes offer five fundamental advantages over petrol models:

  • Improved Safety – Petrol quad bikes are incredibly powerful and certainly not suitable for children. As previously mentioned, our kids quads come with three adjustable settings to ensure that you can restrict speed to ensure your child can ride safely.
  • Silent – Petrol engines make a lot of noise and not a particularly pleasant one at that. Using electricity to power our quads means they are completely silent.
  • Cheaper – Plugging a quad into the mains after use is far less expensive than filling up a thirsty petrol engine.
  • Practical – It is not uncommon for petrol quads to break down on a regular basis. Electric quads, do still need to be checked over from time-to-time, but the frequency and the cost associated with repairs and replacements is nowhere near the same as that of a petrol model.
  • Green – Normal quad bikes produce a great deal of pollution. The battery in an electric quad bike produces absolutely no emissions. 

Electric quad bikes are designed to be fun, thrilling, and so long as all measures are taken seriously, incredibly safe.  

Choosing to buy your child an electric quad bike, means you’ll be buying them a gift that will give them hours of excitement out in the fresh air. However, there is an element of common sense that must be applied: you must ensure that your child is appropriately supervised while they are riding the quad and adequate safety equipment should be provided.


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