Z1700 Electric Road Legal Scooter 48v 1000w

The best in Europe!!!!

We have invested for your safety and well being by providing a powerful machine which is 100% road legal..... 

Because the 'Z1700 is THE ONLY 48V scooter which is equipped with larger wheels! This makes all the difference...
While other machines are a in the race for price competition, they do not increase proportionately their Voltage while still equipped with smaller tires giving disappointing results. The 'Z1700 provides Volts / Watts balance perfection and suitable tyres for a real power and real results without concession on the price of components required for these performances. THIS IS THE BEST E-SCOOTER IN EUROPE!


48V BATTERY (makes the REAL difference)
High Efficiency Inverter 48V, output current of 35A, 1680W performance (The motor is powered powerfully and without any comprimise on the electronics)
30cm diameter tyres approx. (9 ") on rims 6.5" (maximum COMFORT and SAFETY that others have forgotten)
Really 40-42 km / h + top speed (actually tested !!!!) even uphill
Front and rear lights, horn, speedometer and mirrors, front and rear indicator signals.
PACKAGE DIMENSIONS (without pallet):
1150 X 330 X 460 mm 
Gross weight (packaged): 54 Kg
Scooter Weight (without batteries): 28 kg
L = 1100, H = 1350, l = 720 mm (dimensions are including mirrors)
Folded height: 500 mm

PLEASE NOTE: Children should be supervised always by a responsible adult and be wearing the correct protective head and body gear CLICK HERE to see the safety gear available

Delivery charges vary depending on weight. CLICK HERE for more details

Electric Scooter (Ages 12 to adult) 48v 1000w - Road Legal

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