Electric Kids Quad Bikes (Age 4-9 years) 36v 1000w TREK

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TREK 1000 Electric Quad 36v 1000w

3 speed restriction controls as a gradual confidence booster

  • Restricted to 10 km/h
  • Restricted to 18 km/h
  • No Restriction - 35 km/h
  • Horn
  • Dual headlights
  • Carry racks
  • Rear light and Brake light
  • LEDdisplay (Battery level), 
  • Chain guard fitted as standard




DC 36V 1000W motor with vents - (HUGE torque +++ - Great for slopes and rough terrain) 

Rechargeable 12V 12Ah x 3 
Maximum speed: 35 km / h
Parental Control Limited Speed (electronically limited 3 position by extractable key): 9 km / h, 14 km / h and free (35 km/h)
Fairing and enveloping floorboards: any possible contact with moving parts
impressive torque resulting from the reduction in engine output and power of the DC motor 1000W
Battery life between charges 20-25 km approx. (depending on field conditions, weight and flexibility of control) and 30-35 km at low speed
Recharging empty batteries = 7-8 hours (Including Charger to connect directly to the quad or on the housing)
REAL Tires (Size 6 inches! ) cross-road (on this model, the wheels 6" dramatically reduces the risk of tipping over due to the size of the machine and tyre ratio)
FWD / AR by mechanical reverse (without risk of burn out the motor by current reversal in active mode)
Direct transmission chain
Cain Housing - for optimum safety 
Battery level Indication - charged battery level
Rear light / Brake light 
Accelerator bike type handle new generation flexible and robust 
Spring Suspensions front (2) and rear (1)
Carter brake disc rear
Weight 54 kg - Max. driver 65 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1150 mm x 600 mm x 680 mm

PLEASE NOTE: Children should be supervised always by a responsible adult and be wearing the correct protective head and body gear CLICK HERE to see the safety gear available

Delivery charges vary depending on weight. CLICK HERE for more details


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