Product Comparison - Scooters

  Kids Scooter Adult Scooter Premium
Age Range               9 to adult 12 to adult 12 to adult
Motor 36v 800w 36v 1000w 36v 1000w
Rechargeable battery Yes Yes  Yes
Max Speed 32km/h 35 km/h 42 km/h
Parental Speed Control Yes (2) Yes (2) No
Battery life (approx) 25-30 km 30-35 km 20-25 km
Recharge Time 6-7 hours 6-7 hours 7-8 hours
Tyres Rubber Rubber Rubber
Speed display No No Yes
Rear Light No Yes Yes
Horn No Yes Yes
Brakes type Discs Discs Discs
Weight 38 kg 38 kg 44kg
Dimensions 1180x250x1080 mm 1320x250x1140 mm 1100x720x1350 mm
Road Legal No No Yes- Europe