Deluxe Electric Mini Beachcomber 2 Seat 12v

Deluxe Mini with 2 seats Retro Chrome Rims, Radio & MP3 & LED Headlights


Besides the LED headlights equipment, an MP3 connection, a horn and sound and light effects on the steering wheel, and a music system 12V a rare sound quality, this very beautiful car This spacious outsized for optimal comfort:
(L = 138 cm, l = 80 cm, H = 61 cm)
while offering power ensuring excellent functioning on any terrain and optimum battery life with its 12V 10Ah battery.
No attempt savings on components: Your child will roll in what is does best.
What learning to drive and walk around like Dad!
Countless hours of exciting games in prospect!
For toddlers (up to 3 years), it is the parents who drive the car remotely, using the remote control to move forward, backward and turn right or left for toddlers watch landscape, smiling from ear to ear!
From 3 years, children can reach the accelerator pedal and easily learn the handling of a steering wheel.
Simple operation for our aspiring pilots
Run Forward (2 speeds - 4 km / h and 6 km / h)
Run reverse controlled by a shift lever.
XL size 2 REAL seats, equipped with 2 seat belts.
Supports two children (driver + passenger). Embedded Weight: 40 Kg.
Powerful engines: 2 engines 12V 35W 10.000RPM (One on each rear wheel)
Speed ​​6 km / h depending on terrain;
Low speed 4 km / h for small children and beginners (or even for delicate maneuvers)
Unlike most vehicles children in this category offered commercially, thanks to its two motors 12V 35W (one on each rear wheel), the vehicle runs perfectly on all types of surfaces: grass, gravel, tarmac, dirt, sand. .. !!!!
Equipped with a socket for MP3 player: Just like Dad !!!!! (cord supplied RCA connection)
Equipped with bright headlights, LED.
Counters backlit dashboard
SFX: engine noise music and various functions available to the dashboard.
Outstanding sound quality: music system operating in 12V and not on batteries.
Small trunk opening on the back (chest spare wheel opening)
Comes with one 12V 10Ah battery and charger.
Charging time An empty battery: 10-12 hours on the vehicle.
Battery life: More than an hour driving non stop!
Ideal for families with several children sharing the same vehicle, the drivers take turns ...

Dimensions package: 136 x 79 x 43 cm
Dimensions assembled Mini: 138 x 80 x 61 cm
Carton weight: 32 kg
Vehicle weight: 27 kg
Assembly: About 45 minutes

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Electric Mini Beachcomber (Age up to 5 years) 12v 2 seats

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