EX-DEMO Electric Audi R8 Spyder (Age up to 5 years) 12v

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Luxury Electric Audi R8 Spyder 12v Car



Smaller than our other models, less swift, this vehicle was specially designed for the little ones.
A 6 year old child will already cramped!
Equipped with a start delay for a less brutal acceleration, this car put at ease without scaring them or shake the smallest of our children.
Also, the speed (4-5 km / h) is deliberately limited: This vehicle is not suitable for older children, but it is ideal infants
The padded seat and the true seat belt 3 point padded bring comfort and security that we expect for our children.

Functionality UNIQUE for such models:

The special 2.4 GHz radio, for controlling the car remotely, has 4 integrated speed levels and especially a "STOP" button remote stop. This button is especially useful when, about 30-36 months, your child will control it alone: ​​you can then stop the vehicle remotely with a simple press of the button.....

Equipped down to the smallest details to please all, this model has backlit meters LED blue, an FM radio, an mp3 outlet, a battery charge level indicator, rims chrome, imitation mirrors "carbon", and operational before blue LED lights, etc ...!

Well-equipped with the latest functions available, without any concessions to its quality primary components: our children will go on an adventure and discover the many possibilities of this ROADSTER AUDI R8 Spyder luxurious.


To enable kids to experience the joy of driving before needing to know how to handle a steering wheel, this car is equipped with a remote control: The child comfortably sits in his seat, secured with seat belt, it will be remotely controlled by Mum or Dad who take the opportunity to play with the vehicles R / C radio control at the same time. Fun for all! . Even for spectators, who will be impressed ......
This remote control can manage not only the FWD and REV and steering, but also the speed.
ALL NEW: Also, it has a "kill switch" in as a STOP button for emergency stops when the manual function (the child controlled) is on.


This car was definitely designed for complete user satisfaction, big and small. No economy on the driving qualities.
Battery is 12V 7Ah supplying 2 motors 35W (one in each wheel). Battery life (about an hour non-stop driving) avoids frustration.

The design of this product is in line with the Audi brand globally recognized requirements, and we offer only the most powerful version.

Detachable remote control function (used independently for children from 3 years)
4 adjustable speeds depending remote radio control. Single speed mode "pedal - autonomous"
Forward / reverse


- Padded leatherette seat with stitching and logo "R8" inlay
- True belt 3 very protective items
- dashboard counters backlit
- functional front lights multicolored LED
- Rear cover opening on simulated engine
- quality FM Radio (runs 12V)!
- Crazy starter and sound effects acceleration in the steering wheel
- Connection jack for MP3
- 1 speed independent function
- Reverse controlled by a fine imitation gear lever, as in car dad!
- Parental radio function with 4 speeds and remote shutdown command


When the remote is disconnected (Autonomous / pedal function), simple operation for our aspiring pilots: 

Dimensions package: 123 x 64 x 33 cm
Vehicle Dimensions: 122.5 x 63.5 x 60 cm
Weight: 19 kg
Net vehicle weight: 14.5 Kg

Easy final assembly: Approximately 30 minutes with clear assembly instructions in the manual


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