Luxury Electric BMW X6 12v


From our luxury cars and 4X4 dreams, this model has been designed in collaboration with BMW's leadership to become the child replica of this legendary luxury 4x4. Before the dazzled eyes of the parents, our little kids will evolve tirelessly in this new wonder child electric car.

All dressed, it will delight and pride all. And even some adults jealous ....!

Ultimate finish for an absolutely fantastic look....

Equipped down to the smallest details to please you, this model has backlit, chrome wheels, and LED front lights operational, etc ...!

The LUXE every bit ...!

Well-equipped with the latest functions available in the state of technology, without any concession to quality primary components: our children will go on an adventure and discover the many possibilities of this  CROSSOVER SUV BMW X6 luxurious.


To enable smaller kids to experience this joy before knowing how to handle a steering wheel, this car is equipped with a remote control: The child comfortably sits in his/her seat, secured with seat belt, it will be remotely controlled by Mum or Dad who take the opportunity to play the vehicles R / C at the same time. Fun for all! Even for spectators, who will be impressed.

TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT: This car was definitely designed for complete user satisfaction, big and small. No economy on the driving qualities.

Equipment 12V 7Ah battery supplying 2 motors 35W (one in each wheel): It goes EVERYWHERE, and driving time (about an hour driving non stop) avoids frustration.

Unlike many manufacturers, we will never reduce performance for lower costs because your pleasure and that of your children comes before our cash drawer. This is the principle on which we build our reputation, always equipping our machines with the very best and most powerful. Here, our design of our products is in line with the BMW brand globally recognized requirements

Detachable remote control function (used independently for children from 3 years)
Two speeds (slow and fast)
Forward / reverse


- Push starter (as a real car)
- Indicator Voltage digital batteries
- dashboard counters backlit
- padded seat covered with imitation leather Bicolor siglé "X6" on the backrest.
- Seat belt
- functional front lights realistic LED
- Sound Effects engine, horn and quality music effects (operation in 12V adjustable sound level!) 
- Connection jack for MP3
- 2 speed (slow / fast)
- Reverse
- Chrome rims
- Total Parental radio function (F / R and D / G )
- Official BMW Logo


When the remote is disconnected (Autonomous / pedal function), simple operation for our aspiring pilots:

Package dimensions: 128 x 62 x 37 cm
Vehicle Dimensions: 117 x 64 x 44 cm
Weight: 23.5 Kg
Vehicle Net weight: 19.5 Kg

Easy final assembly: Approximately 30 minutes with clear assembly instructions in the manual

Delivery charges vary depending on weight. CLICK HERE for more details


EX-DEMO Electric BMW X6 (Age up to 5 years) 12v

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